Reduce Couperose with apparative cosmetics

When you look in the mirror, more and more red and fine veins appear in your face? Couperose is very common in women over 30 years of age. But men and younger women also suffer from unsightly skin changes.

Couperose manifests itself slowly but steadily. If your skin is still in its initial stage, you may not even notice the changes. They only appear sometimes, but have an effect on the capillaries. The blood accumulates in the vessels and expands them. Further veins are formed. The small protrusions under the skin are only slightly elastic. This can lead to further bleeding, which expands into the tissue. The small reddenings remain permanent and appear as narrow veins that run through your skin.

In addition to the optical problems, couperosis can be accompanied by itching, which promotes further skin irritation. Even if there is no health risk, the cosmetic problem should not be underestimated.

High-quality technology in the fight against couperose

People who suffer from couperose often try to hide it under make-up. The effect on the psyche should not be underestimated. The strong redness of the facial skin can limit the self-esteem and the quality of life.

Apparative cosmetics are a great help in the treatment of couperosis. Through a treatment tailored to your skin, we can combat the redness of your skin and reduce the unpleasant veins and make them disappear completely.

The individual treatment of your skin is particularly important. In order to ensure that we can use the right treatment concept for you against couperose, we carry out a free analysis of your skin.

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